About the company


REVLA INTERNATIONAL is born from 12 years of proffesional bagage focused in the International ambit of Agri-food industries.​

Our core business


Our experience in the consolidation of International Sales Agreemet on key markets, allowed us to create a stable business network in constant growth.

Nowadays, REVLA INTERNATIONAL has a daily sales within our own supplier and distribution network in more than 25 countries in 3 continents: Europe, Asia and America.

We add value to your operations by providing our experience to our customers. 



From the empiric context of REVLA INTERNATIONAL in the international ambit, we want to share the actions that lead us to succed in our projects and exclude non profitable actions that, under our experience, delayed the growing process.

At this purspose, we offer consultancy services to analize, determine and implement the strategy to expand sales accross the borders. Whether our clients just seek to reinforce a specific aspect of their existing international sales or they opt for a complete internacionalization development collaboration, we have several plans that might fit your expectations.




Queremos ofrecer una herramienta util para reforzar los puntos clave del proceso de internacionalizacion de PYMES de manera eficaz

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