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” I have the product, the brand, the production facilities…. but how much I have to invest to start to export? “,”what steps must we give?”, “I do not have a Department of international trade”.

Based on the international expansion stage that your organization is, we are experts in the following ways of collaboration to achive sales efectively.


We are no doubt for the promotion of the Export Outsourcing as a method of international business development if our client want to reduce initial costs.

We outsource your export Department to our sales force, leveraging the potential of our resources to manage all necessary aspects for the implementation and monitoring of the international sales.


We integrate our sales force into your sales channel, focusing on the development of new markets abroad in which increase your existing international sales.

Always under the supervision of your company, we provide business intelligence, customs & logistics interconnectivity services that optimize your company's current resources.


Over the years, we have created a strong supplier and customer´s network that currently generate sales in several product categories.

If you are interested in become part of our offer, we would appreciate if you could send us your product information through our form in the contact section or directly to the email: purchase@revlainternational.es

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