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To join forces has been, for the history, a successful option for a common target.

We optimize our customer´s purchasing capacity by unifying the supply criteria and carring out simultaneous purchases. These actions not only complies with the minimum order quantities established internationally, but also reduce cost prices significantly.

There is a hard work of organization and criteria unification behind this service that implies huge benefits to all members of the operation:

  • Meet the minimum order quantities settled by the supplier
  • Optimization of the transport cost.
  • Reduction of the selling price.
  • Increase in competitiveness

We Know time is priceless! Our supplier´s portfolio is at your disposal. 

Nuestros proveedores cuenta con las certificaciones internacionales requeridas por la gran distribucion mundial.

close-up portrait of worker woman with hygienic work clothes under regulations

Organizamos inspecciones presenciales de todas las cargas en origen a criterio del comprador.

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